Warren Jeffs Fires his attorney before Opening Statement–WHO DOES THAT?

Are you following the Warren Jeffs Polygamist Trial?
He just fired his attorney this morning before opening statement. WHO DOES THAT? Well, could it be he’s not getting along with his attorney? He’s fired 7 attorneys so far. Could it be he wants another delay to find a new attorney? Or, maybe, he wants to legally represent himself, go “pro-per”. The Prophet may just want to address the flock (the jury) himself. There are many reasons defendants want a new attorney. Let’s wait to see if the Judge grants his request to go pro-per or to get a new attorney. WHAT SAY YOU?


2 Comments on “Warren Jeffs Fires his attorney before Opening Statement–WHO DOES THAT?”

  1. Jill says:

    Another child abuse issue hiding behind “religion” or “God”. Pedophiles in religious clothing. We have entered an age where the hiding places for these types of crimes against children are coming out into the “LIGHT”.

    • As I used to say to jurors in child abuse cases, “Cloak it however you want, it’s still child abuse and it’s still a crime. It’s not about the defendants religion, or even the defendant culture, it’s about the abuse of children. It’s up to you, the jury, to decide which it is, child abuse or a legitimate practice of a religious/cultural freedom”. Mr. Jeffs believes he has done nothing wrong and his religious freedoms are being violated. However, it’s up to the jury to decide.

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