Casey Anthony: Good PR Move or Mental Health Issue?

Did you hear that Casey Anthony is seeking mental health treatment for “serious mental issues”? Really, that’s new. I didn’t hear about Casey Anthony having a mental health issue at trial. Maybe, it’s presumed when you don’t report your child missing. It’s highly relevant to her guilt or innocence, don’t you think? Maybe, it could have explained WHY she did not report her 2-year-old toddler missing for 31 days. Instead, we were offered, the illuminating testimony of a “grief expert” who explained that Casey’s partying, in lieu of reporting, was a “normal” reaction to grief.

Is this a good PR move or does she have a mental health issue? Well, any good PR firm would likely tell someone in Casey’s position to lay low and seek treatment. Exactly! Isn’t that what PR firms tell celebrities to do to rehabilitate their image? Or, public figures to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public, like Anthony Weiner, for instance. Where is he these days? Reportedly, in treatment and lying low.

Yes, in my opinion, it appears to be Casey Anthony’s strategy, too. She is also hoping to redeem her image and to garner sympathy. What better way to do it than to claim a  “mental health” issue? However, mental health issues are a very serious matter and cause great pain to many people and their loved ones. But, is Casey’s claim legitimate? Time will tell. Maybe, we should give her the benefit of doubt and support her treatment, any treatment. After all, her child is dead and she’s spent almost 3 years in a jail cell for 23 hours a day.

Yet, is she treatable? Will she find a therapist smart enough to see through her lies and manipulations? Apparently, as many people believe, the jury didn’t see through her lies. Neither did the police initially. Will the therapist, just like the police, also be feed a pack of lies and made up stories? Ask yourself, do you know anyone who is a rehabilitated liar? gambler, alcoholic, yes. Liar, no? Is there a 12 step program for liars?



4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Good PR Move or Mental Health Issue?”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    Is lack of conscience mental illness? Perhaps the pursuit of mental health issues is building upon the lie or satisfying some other more manipulative need. We will probably hear next that Casey is suing for harassing a mentally ill person.

    • Well, if true, it’s not the first time people “use” therapy to manipulate others and situations. How about sheer lack of empathy for the pain caused to others? Can empathy be learned? Can conscience be learned?

  2. Hilde says:

    Casey Anthony is lucky she only spent 3 Yrs. in Confinement, it could have been Life without Parole.
    No Sympathy for her on my Part.
    The only Sympathy I have is for the Victim Caylee Marie Anthony or did some People forget what was done to this Child?
    As for Casey being in Therapy it’s a PR Move, clearly an Attempt to appeal to the Public making Casey A. look like a Victim.
    I am not buying it.

    • As a former child abuse prosecutor, I have never lost sight of WHAT was done to Caylee. It is horrific! Unfortunately, too many times, the focus fails to be on the true victim, Caylee and the suffering she endured. I don’t think any parent has been fooled by Casey Anthony.

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