Will Casey Anthony get lucky with Judge Perry and win Probation “mess”?

Do you think Casey Anthony will win the probation “mess”? Is she just a lucky fool or are there cracks in the justice system? Remember, she is the one who convinced a jury of not 1 but 12 people to find her not guilty of any of charges related to the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, even after the jury was told that Casey failed to report her daughter missing for 31 days. That’s 31 days of waking up each morning without your daughter and do nothing. What parent does that? I’d also ask WHY she didn’t report and maybe the jury did, too. Yet, the jury was not swayed when they also learned that Casey told the police a “pack of lies” when questioned. Yet, it was the jury’s call to make.

Now, it’s Judge Perry’s decision to decide the probation “mess” . Will she get lucky again and not have to serve 1 year probation “upon her release” on the check fraud case as intended, but not in the written order, by Judge Strickland or will she get lucky again? Just think of her luck, had she been before Judge Strickland, she’d be serving probation right now (although, probably stayed while decision appealed). But, here, again she gets a lucky break. Judge Strickland can’t make the call. He recused himself (and he should) for speaking out against the acquittal and he was DQ’d off the murder case, clearly an appearance of bias. Why he waited to correct or impose his order 2 weeks after her globally televised release is another story. Why he didn’t read his original order for accuracy before signing it, is yet another story.

Yet, Casey’s luck continues. Turns out the probation department “erroneously”, it seems according to Judge Perry, already had Casey serve out the 1 year probation while she was in jail on the Caylee’s murder case. And, probation even gave her a probation completion letter in January 2011. Lucky gal. Done deal, exclaims the defense. Not so fast, let Judge Perry decide.

But, lucky Casey might just get another break, this time from the law. There appears to be no case-law in Florida to aid Judge Perry, at least that covers this “mess”. So, it comes down to Judge Perry and likely issues of fairness and justice. Who knew that Casey Anthony’s probation “mess” will likely be creating new law, setting new case precedent, that future judges and attorneys will rely upon, however, Judge Perry decides.

Will Casey Anthony get lucky with Judge Perry? WHAT SAY YOU?


9 Comments on “Will Casey Anthony get lucky with Judge Perry and win Probation “mess”?”

  1. Bocatrip says:

    I’m waiting for good old reliable Karma

  2. offthecuff says:

    On one hand, probation has Casey accountable to the law. However, If she tries anything sly, her lawyers will buffer her.

    On the other, Casey won’t need probation to adjust to the outside world. She will already be swarmed by guardians who will help her. She’s not like other ex-cons for whom probation is meant to monitor.

  3. janelwhite says:

    Probation department already gave Casey a letter that stated she completed her probation, that about sums it up.
    State screwed things up yet again. -Jane

  4. Hilde says:

    It doesn’t matter to me one Way or another if Casey Anthony gets lucky once again.
    She got away with being responsible for her own Daughters Murder. The Probation Deal in Comparison of Murder isn’t a Big Deal any more.
    Should she serve her Probation like every one else, definitely.
    Serving Probation while she was sitting in Jail doesn’t count for obvious Reasons. It’s a Joke!
    Caylee is the One who wasn’t lucky and that is what most People who care about the Victim will remember.

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