Another Kobe Bryant Misstep? Dust up at church over cell-phone pictures

Say it ain’t so, Kobe? After being fined $100K in April for calling a basketball referee a “f—–g f–got”, and getting an acquittal in a rape trial, did you really just (allegedly) wrestle a cell-phone out of the hands of a 20-year-old kid during a church service because you thought he was taking pictures of you and your wife? Well, as you discovered, no pics were taken, but the (alleged) victim reports a sprained wrist. Absolutely, you have the right to privacy and to pray in peace. But, to grab a phone out of someone’s hands, WHO DOES THAT? And, at church? In California, that’s a criminal battery and opens you up to a civil lawsuit as well. Do you really want to spend time in a courtroom again? As a role model to children, could you have asked him after the service if photos were taken? Handled it peacefully? Spoke to the pastor? Some, may have even offered to buy the phone. Hopefully, not another misstep. Remember, we saw OJ Simpson fumble for years before he went to prison. Even Casey Anthony with her prior run-ins could possibly misstep her way to jail, too.

Simply my opinion, WHAT SAY YOU?


One Comment on “Another Kobe Bryant Misstep? Dust up at church over cell-phone pictures”

  1. JIll Estensen says:

    What qualifies Kobe or any person to be a role model for children? Indeed….why would anyone grab a camera from another? Famous people shouldn’t have any more rights than non-famous people…..but they do. When “sports heroes” are LAWFULLY treated like regular folks perhaps they will earn the right to be role models for a children.

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