Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Sequester Jurors?

Conrad Murray wants his jury (sequestered) kept away from media coverage and the likes of Nancy Grace. Just like the Casey Anthony trial, he argues, the jurors need to be sheltered from the media blitz and play by-play analysis that at times was incorrect and misleading. Really, what about the media’s first amendment right and the public’s right to know? Conrad Murray’s judge has already expressed concern whether the public can afford the costs to sequester a jury? What about a defendants right to a fair trial? Does media coverage really impact a jurors decision or a fair trial? Maybe, the party requesting jury sequestration should pay the costs? Is that fair? What if the defendant or the people can’t afford those cost? Can we rely upon the jurors to follow the instruction requiring their decision to be based only on the law and the facts presented? Or, should we be concerned about the media coverage? And, what do we do about the ever-increasing costs of trials, especially high-profile trials when many cities are struggling financially? Tough questions.

What Say You?


2 Comments on “Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Sequester Jurors?”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    Anything to do with Michael Jackson is always a huge media production. I would say sequester for the protection and safety of the jurors and no other reason. They are chosen to do a job. They will be better able to maintain some semblance of rationality if they don’t have to contend with the outside world when trying to judge the case. Where does the money come from to house & care for the jurors? How about auctioning off the trial? Let cities around the state bid on getting the trial. Just think of the publicity!!! Tough questions.

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