Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case: Plea Offer Never Considered? Good Strategy?

Turns out Dr. Conrad Murray “never considered” a plea deal in the Michael Jackson Manslaughter case, according to his attorney Ed Chernoff.  “Plea bargains are for guilty people’, Chernoff believes. Wow, in my 20 some years as an attorney, I can’t say I agree with that statement. What about risk containment and considering all the options? Go to trial and risk 4 years in prison and losing his livelihood, his medical licenses, if convicted. Good strategy? We’ll see. Maybe, as the defense asserts Murray had no choice but trial to save his licenses but he has less of chance of saving his license if convicted. Are licenses more important than freedom? Their defenses that Michael “dosed himself”, or, he’s an “addict” may have persuaded the medical licensing boards than a 12 jurors.

Yet, lawyers and clients throw the dice every day. Believe me, it’s no easy decision to roll the dice and go to trial, and in Murray’s case, maybe there was no plea deal to be had, but what do you lose making an offer? Yes, I know some attorneys think that’s showing a weakness. Maybe. But, what are the odds of an acquittal or hung jury? Take a deal and don’t gamble or gamble and hope it’s worth it. That’s where an attorneys experience comes in, to realistically evaluate the odds, yet, the ultimate decision remains the clients, Dr. Murray’s. After all, few would have bet on Casey Anthony’s acquittal. Clearly, Dr. Murray believes he has a good hand, but, so do the prosecutors.

Simply my opinion, WHAT SAY YOU?


2 Comments on “Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case: Plea Offer Never Considered? Good Strategy?”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    Question….When I know I am innocent and swear to tell the truth while on the stand, how can I make a plea to something that is false without being held in contempt?

    • No contempt as defendant agrees that crime was committed and the facts are true, otherwise, plea deal isn’t accepted by the court. Even if defendant is charged with a lesser crime, the evidence (a factual basis) still needs to support the lesser charge.

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