Mansion Suicide: As Expected, Attorney General Declines to review Zahau’s “suicide”

(Update 9/10/2012: Coronado Police decline Dina Shacknai’s (6 yr old Max’s mother) request to re-open his “accidental death” case after independent forensic investigators have found evidence of homicide. Based on this new info, Dr. Phil just finished taping an interview with the Zahau family and Dina Shacknai to be aired in November. Full press release & story,

(Update 5/30/2012: Zahau Family has filed a formal request to the California Attorney General to investigate the death of their daughter, Rebecca Zahau.)

(Update 4/10/2012: Zahau family attorney, Anne Bremner, has sent new information to San Diego DA and State AG to request an investigation of Rebecca Zahau’s death)

(Update: 4/4/2012: a civil lawsuit has been filed by Max’s mother, Dina, requesting a court order to obtain Max’s autopsy photos from SD Sheriff. Max was the 6-year-old son of Dina and Jonah Shacknai who took a fatal fall at the mansion days before Rebecca’s body was found. Max was apparently under the care of and found by Rebecca. San Diego Sheriff ruled Max’s death an accident.)

The California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, the chief law enforcement officer, has declined to review the suicide findings in Rebecca’s Zahau’s death. Just as I expected and explained in the yesterday’s posting, Section 13 of the CA Constitution, as cited by Jonah Shacknai does not apply. No conflict of interest. No request by the District Attorney to assist. No gross malfeasance (failure to enforce laws) alleged by investigative agency. Scare resources. Unfortunately, for the families, the law enforcement authorities demand “new evidence” before the case is re-opened.

I have no doubt Rebecca’s family will not rest until this case is re-opened. After 20 years as a trial attorney and former domestic violence prosecutor, I suspect this case will be re-opened, at the very least, to address the many questions raised by Rebecca’s family. Until than, I doubt the public and media scrutiny will subside.

Simply my opinion, WHAT SAY YOU?


2 Comments on “Mansion Suicide: As Expected, Attorney General Declines to review Zahau’s “suicide””

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Most excellent article Ms. Hagan. Let’s hope the AG does see fit to provide some closure for the Zahau family. Thank you for your opinion.

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