Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: What Seeds will they plant in Opening Statements?

What seeds will be planted by the lawyers in the Opening Statements in the Murray/Michael Jackson Trial? Will they plant the seeds of an acquittal or a conviction? What seeds will be planted by the defense to create reasonable doubt? Will they prove everything they say in opening statement? Do first impressions really matter? Does what lawyers say even matter? Well, Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez argued in closing argument of a downing of Caylee and molestation by George, but never proved it and he got an acquittal. (And, an investigation from the Florida State Bar). I wonder if those were the seeds of reasonable doubt.

What will the Defense do in Opening? Will they plant seeds of Michael as an addict or revive “wacko-jacko”? Not in Judge Pastor’s courtroom, it seems. He won’t let them talk about the 2005 molest case, “This is It” Video, or Michael’s alleged calls to others for drugs or even, Michael’s lifestyle or finances. Judge Pastor is no Judge Perry. It’s not about “The Man in the Mirror”.  It’s about the “Doctor in the Room”, Conrad Murray, and what he did and failed to do on June 25, 2009.

Maybe, the defense will plant the seeds of an accident, a defense. Or, claim that Michael injected himself, bottles of propofol were near his bed. The Defense just needs one juror to vote not guilty. The Prosecution needs all 12 to vote guilty. And, an intent to kill (murder) is not required for involuntary manslaughter. The seeds of the prosecution will likely be a large dose of propofol. No heart-monitoring equipment. Surgery drug for insomnia. Delayed calling of 911. And, who does CPR on a bed?

Even if Michael had said to Dr. Murray, “Don’t stop till you (I) get enough”,  it’s no defense, the prosecution will respond. “A reasonable doctor would not have done what Murray did” will likely be the prosecution seeds. Listen carefully to opening, what seeds will each side plant? And, will they prove what they say? Or, do they have to?

Simply my opinion, WHAT SAY YOU?


2 Comments on “Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: What Seeds will they plant in Opening Statements?”

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