Amanda Knox Case: Justice for Victims Trumped by Defendant’s Looks

Is justice for victims trumped by the looks of the defendant?

It’s a curious question but one that I have been asking myself, most recently with the Casey Anthony trial and now, with the Amanda Knox case. Why is there so much commentary on the looks and appearance of Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox?  Is it because we are obsessed with beauty? America’s Top Model. Keeping up with the Kardashians. Recent uptick in plastic surgeries. Brad & Angelina. Or, is it that beauty doesn’t kill or wouldn’t kill.

Absolutely, I appreciate that Casey was fighting for her freedom and Amanda is fighting a conviction but what about the victims? What about Caylee Anthony? What about Meredith Kercher? Yes, Meredith Kercher is her name, the victim in the Knox case. But, how much have we heard about Ms. Kercher? Did you even know her name? She was 21-year-old young woman when she was killed. A university student, had three older siblings, well-liked, had an orange belt in Karate, wrote poetry, full of hugs, and had a penchant for being late.

Who is advocating for the victim? In the courtroom, it’s the prosecutor’s job to advocate for the victim and to tell the victims story. Tell the jury about the victim and they will care. But, outside the courtroom, who is advocating for the victim? Who is telling us about his/her life, the life lost? Is it about getting ratings? Or, do we now require the victims families to put aside their grief and hold press conferences, or hold a sign outside the courtroom, or wear a baseball cap or t-shirt that says “Justice for Caylee” or “Justice for Meredith”? The victims are entitled be heard, too. Who speaks for the victim? the family? the friends? the media? the prosecutor? Who?

Justice is about the victim, too.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

2 Comments on “Amanda Knox Case: Justice for Victims Trumped by Defendant’s Looks”

  1. cathyc1954 says:

    Regarding the Anthony case – I am horrified to think that her looks “trumped” justice for the victim. I personally don’t think that is the case. I’m a heterosexual woman, so that is not a factor in my own opinion. (Besides, the vision of that mask that was created and sold on ebay is “burned” into my brain…even if I once thought she might be pretty, that thought was negated the first time I looked at a picture of the mask on ebay; it was ugly, but completely hilarious!).
    I do think the victim, Caylee Anthony, has been forgotten particularly by her family, which was Casey’s main objective to begin with. The defense lied to the jury, and they bought it. Lying about the drowning and molestation is why the defendant was acquitted, and no other reason. Not that she has good looks, and not that the prosecution did not prove their case (they did). The defense lied to the jury to confuse them. There has never been any explanation from ANYONE as to what happened to that little girl, and never will be.

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