Occupy Wall Street: Real Reform Requires Tough Choices

For the last three weeks, people have been showing up in downtown new york holding signs saying “Occupy Wall Street”. Occupy What? Don’t they mean “Reform” Wall Street? As in, balance the economic inequalities. Stop corporate greed. Stop the foreclosures. Tax the rich. Cut the budget deficit. Reduce spending and, the list goes on.

Haven’t we done enough occupying? The Congress, the Senate and the White House are all occupied. Has occupation brought us new jobs or economic recovery? Perhaps, now, the streets will be occupied. “Occupy Wall Street” is a metaphor for the need for reform, equality, fairness, justice, new structures and yes, change. Not change that we can believe in, but, change that will happen. And, change that we can participate in.

This isn’t a liberal or progressive movement as depicted by the media. Nor, is it truly a response to the Tea Party movement or a movement “hijacked by newcomers” as headlined in today’s Christian Science Monitor. Nor is the “joining of unions problematic”, as cited in today’s Huffington Post. It is simply a movement beginning to ask the questions, we have all started to ask regardless of our political affiliation. Where are we going as a country? How do we solve all these problems? No jobs. Diminishing retirement plans. Unaffordable health care. High Unemployment. Increasing education costs. Huge budget deficits. Etc.

Occupy Wall Street is simply a forum, a town square, if you will, for people to come together to find solutions. This is a time for real solutions not a time to kick the can to the next generation. Maybe, the UK’s Nick Clegg got it right when he said, “It won’t be easy, but it’s the right thing to do”. Real change requires real reform and tough choices. Clearly, we can’t put humpty-dumpty back together again or go back to the old way. It’s a new world requiring new structures. Think back to the 1960’s. We all know that the civil rights movement and the Viet Nam protest brought us real change. Change begins with the people. And, the people are showing up. After all, isn’t our government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

I have no doubt the people will continue to occupy wall street or their local town square until real solutions are identified and adopted. Until then, this is a beginning of a movement not simply a protest.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

2 Comments on “Occupy Wall Street: Real Reform Requires Tough Choices”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    Real solutions, not political rallies! Not the we/they mentality of the 20th century and before. The people of this country (USA) are charged up and ready to do what we have to in order to change….all of us….not the right or the left, ALL.

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