Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Will Conrad Murray Testify?

Martha Stewart didn’t take the stand. OJ Simpson didn’t take the stand. Casey Anthony didn’t take the stand. Will Conrad Murray, the “Doctor in the Room” take the stand? That is the million dollar, or should I say the $150,000 a month, question. It’s a tough decision but one that defense attorneys and defendants consider everyday in courtrooms across the country.

Is it too risky to put Murray on the stand? Absolutely. So many dangerous areas of cross-examination. He didn’t call 911. He didn’t tell the paramedics, the ER doctors or the police that he gave Michael propofol. He had no appropriate life saving equipment in the room. He was paid $150,000 a month. He was talking to his girlfriends and emailing rather than at Michael’s side. Why allow the jury to be reminded of everything he did wrong. And, no doubt, he will likely say other things that could damage his case. If he’s arrogant or controlling, they usually do.

Yet, maybe, Murray is the type of defendant that can turn it all around with his charm, engender sympathy and tell us persuasive facts. After all, he does have patients that love him. But, it seems the facts so far have done him in.

Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson never explained and they walked. But, Murray is no Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson.

Simply, my opinion, what say you?


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