2012 US Republican Candidates: Simply a Horse Race

What are we learning from the recent US 2012 Republican debates? It’s just like watching a horse race.

Michele Bachman took the early lead surging out of the gate (in the polls) only to drop back after several missteps. Than, we watched Rick Perry take over the lead only to fall off with poor footing (debate performances). And, now, we have Herman Cain, the horse will no horse (political) breeding, surging ahead to tie with Mitt Romney, the odds on favorite. Cain’s “controversial” attire (views) may just be too distracting to betters. And, Romney may be passed by again.

Newt Gingrich, a “Statesman” among horses, gives the field a reality check now and then but has just simply too much mileage to win. Likewise, Ron Paul, a favorite of the “individual” betters, may also not have enough appeal to win. Yet, he may be a wild-card to victory as he appears to be the only contender who gets the “Occupy Wall Street” betters.

Joe Huntsman, another relatively unknown horse, may have had a good run but we will never know as his entry was scratched. He likely missed an important opportunity to gain the betters attention.

Rick Santorum, a relatively unknown and young horse to most betters but one who has built a solid race (political) history. Unlike the other contenders, he’s the only horse who has won the Pennsylvania race, a needed track victory for any winner. And, he is beginning to gain notice and track confidence with his bold challenges to the leaders “true” track (political) history. Keep an eye on Santorum, he just may be the dark-horse who goes mostly unnoticed by the experts, just like this years Belmont Stakes 24-1 winner, Ruler on Ice, who always finished in the money and who rides to victory with a solid closing kick.

As the races move forward, let’s hope the contenders heed the advice of Stateman Gingrich and refrain from “bickering”, an unseemly race manner. Clearly, with many races (debates) to go, it’s too soon to call it but in unpredictable and challenging times, a long-shot may just take it.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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