Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson Death) Trial: Defense Case Damaged by Key Expert, Dr. White?

Expert Witness Rule #1 “Don’t take it personally!”

Apparently, Dr. Paul White, has forgotten that rule.

As just reported by CNN, Dr. White, the defense’s key witness was allegedly overheard today calling prosecutor Walgren a “scumbag” and intimating Walgren “tampered with evidence” and referred to the prosecutions expert as “taking the low road…the truth will come out” . The Judge’s response, he set a contempt hearing on Dr. White for November 16th.

Now, it appears that his alleged comments where overheard by media and members of the public. Can we expect his stripes to change when he hits the witness stand?

You may expect that other witnesses, say a family member, may make out of line comments, but to have an expert witness, especially the case-turning propofol expert, to take jabs at the other side or comment on the veracity of the evidence simply damages your case. Few things tank a case quicker than an expert witness who is perceived as lacking objectivity and/or taking the case personally.

No doubt the jury will hear or sense Dr. White’s apparent lack of objectivity in cross-examination if not sooner.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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