Herman Cain & Sexual Harassment Claims: Smear Campaign or Truth Dodger?

US Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has had a difficult time with the truth in the last 24 hours. At first, he denied any sexual harassment claims and now he admits to one of the claims. But, he dismisses it as an “agreement” or a “separation agreement”  not a “legal settlement” and is adamant he was “falsely accused”. Really, there were two monetary settlements and two women lost their jobs.

Battling with the truth doesn’t go well on the witness stand or in politics. You’d think Herman Cain would have learned the lessons of Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner. Instead, he tries to do what some witnesses do everyday on the witness stand. Run from the truth by denial. Argue the semantics (“agreement” vs. “settlement”). Blame the victims (“it happened over 12 years ago, why are they bringing this up now?”). And, even portray themselves as a victim (“It’s a “smear campaign”).  But, ask any lawyer or juror, the results are always the same. It’s over for the witness. Their credibility is damaged.

And, just like any witness, the more Mr. Cain talks the more he buries himself. As reported today on HLN, he says the claims were “ridiculous”, yet he can’t remember the specific facts. He claims he was “falsely accused”, an event we’d all remember, he even told his wife at the time, yet when asked, Mr. Cain didn’t “recall” or he was “unaware” of any claim of sexual harassment. And, now claims, he “didn’t have time to think”.

I have no doubt that as more facts come out Mr. Cain will continue to stumble with the truth. It’s never a good strategy to run from the truth.

Next up, I wonder how “Mr. Mainstreet” will explain his service as “Mr. Chairman” of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank from 1992-1994.

Thanks to HLN’s Robin Meade for showing us all how to get to the truth.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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