Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial : Conrad Murray Not Guilty?

Not guilty? The evidence says otherwise.

The defense’s best shot for an acquittal was to argue no “causation”. And, to argue every defense attorneys best ammunition, “reasonable doubt”. Instead, the defense’s closing was defensive, rambling, disorganized, condescending and repetitive. No clear path to an acquittal.

Blaming Others not effective:

Blaming others for allegedly changing their testimony for future paydays backfires when Dr. Murray is getting paid $150K a month. Blaming others for their failure to do x when your Dr. Murray didn’t do a,b,c,d,e… (proper CPR, calling 911, etc) just highlights what Dr. Murray didn’t do. Arguing each fact presented by the prosecution also highlights the bad facts for Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray was no danger to Michael was also ineffective:

Arguing that Murray was “no danger to Michael, it doesn’t matter if he (Murray) was making calls or emails he didn’t kill Michael” to, I assume, explain away why Dr. Murray abandoned Michael was also ineffective. And, repeating the phrase “deviating from standard of care” just reminds the jury of the prosecution’s case.

Blaming Michael Jackson, an addict, also backfires. The defense asked the jury, “Is Dr. Murray responsible for the unusual acts of Michael Jackson? Don’t do it because its Michael Jackson, it’s not a reality show”.

Unfortunately for the defense, this is real and Dr. Murray’s own acts and his own words (failing to disclose he gave Michael propofol, for instance) convicted him.

Yes, there may have been reasonable doubt. It may have been reasonable to believe that it was simply an “accident” and not involuntary manslaughter. But, the defense never uttered the word “accident”. Maybe they couldn’t.

I’ve tried many cases and trained many attorneys yet, on these facts, I don’t think anyone could get an acquittal. Maybe, it’s possible for them to convince one juror; but, the defense’s closing argument appears to be a missed opportunity.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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