Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Jury’s Verdict Likely Guilty & Quick

We can never know how long jurors will be deliberating, but, in the case of the Michael Jackson (Conrad Murray) Manslaughter Case, I suspect the verdict will be guilty of involuntary manslaughter and rendered quickly. Why? No compelling defense. Speculating or claiming it was possible that Michael dosed himself is simply not enough to sway a juror. Dr. Murray’s (multiple) missteps alone can convict him.

At times, sympathy for the defendant can influence a verdict. But, not likely in this case. There simply wasn’t enough evidence presented to portray Dr. Murray as sympathetic. His prior clients may have received great medical care. But, the evidence in this case shows Dr. Murray’s overwhelming failure to render proper medical care to Michael Jackson which resulted in Michael’s death, a tragic death.

The facts alone made this a difficult case for the defense, but the “doctor in the room” has now become “the man in the mirror”.

May this case be a wake-up call to the medical community.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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