Conrad Murray Documentary: Just Sealed The Maximum Sentence For Dr. Murray

The recently aired MSNBC documentary, “Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship”, just sealed Dr. Conrad Murray’s fate. Judge Pastor is not a judge to be played. 4 years, Dr. Murray, forthwith.

No remorse. Arrogance. Blaming the victim. “Betrayed” by Michael. Michael died “at his own hands”. These are just some of the highlights, Dr. Murray had an excuse for everything. Apparently, the filming took place over the last 2 years and the documentary included interviews with Dr. Murray, strategy sessions with the defense attorneys, even their arguments, defense discussions with Dr. “Propofol” White, and even filming Dr. Murray in prayer.

Filming before and during the trial was an “unusual” move. A dangerous move and a big mistake, in my book.

What was the defense thinking?

Dr. Murray is awaiting sentencing and possibly an appeal. Did they think Judge Pastor or the prosecution would be swayed by Dr. Murray’s words? They’ll be swayed, alright, to put him away for as long as possible. And, with that documentary, the prosecution has hardly a need to utter a word at the sentencing on November 29th.

Clearly, Dr. Murray doesn’t get it. He’ll never admit any responsibility. “Michael was my friend”, he claimed repeatedly. Even Dr. Murray’s own “prayer” sessions revealed Dr. Murray’s belief that he is a victim, further evidence of a serious disconnect with reality.

How is the documentary in Dr. Murray’s best interest? How is it at all helpful to mitigate Murray’s sentence?

And, to waive confidentiality and privilege when they allowed a third-party, MSNBC, to make a recording, while a trial and verdict were pending. Who does that? Not to mention, had the prosecution known about Murray’s statements, the film crew could have been witnesses at the trial.

Unethical? Unprofessional? Professionally embarrassing? Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Pastor sets a contempt hearing and sanctions for the defense, possible discovery violations? Certainly, plenty of explaining to do. The Defense has really stepped in it.

No doubt, the California State Bar will weigh in, too. Maybe, it’s time to remind lawyers of what not to do.

In case you missed the documentary, no worries, it will be played at sentencing on Nov. 29, 2011 if not sooner.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


4 Comments on “Conrad Murray Documentary: Just Sealed The Maximum Sentence For Dr. Murray”

  1. Buncos says:

    Thank you for this article. I am learning more and more about our legal system, correcting distorted and glossed misconceptions taught from watching Court/Cop TV shows or perverted News programs. I had not thought about the discovery violations, the possibility the film crew, Murray’s driver and Flanagan’s wife could have been looked at as witnesses. Honestly I am more disappointed in Chernoff than Flanagan. Flanagan who appears to be that breed of California lawyer accustom to overstepping legal/ethical boundaries especially where Michael Jackson is concerned. I was told Chernoff was a better lawyer and person than this.

  2. truthmarathons says:

    I don’t have a clue! It is surprising that either one would speak to the media, when most likely they were advised by their attorneys not to. In Murray’s case, his attorneys were in the documentary–just unbelievable! However, in Sandusky’s case his attorney was with Costas last night for the interview— looks like Sandusky’s attorney is tailor-made. Both very desperate men in my opinion.

  3. truthmarathons says:

    Thank you, Ms. Hagen for underscoring the absolute lack of moral character of this convicted felon and the questionable, at best, decision to film this disgraceful documentary. If Murray thought that this film would soften his image, answer questions about his actions or lack thereof in the death of Michael Jackson, it didn’t. This “inside” look at Murray and his defense team not only failed at presenting a positive side, this felon blatantly betrayed the doctor/patient confidentiality relationship in front of our eyes. It, however, should be no surprise that Conrad Murray is a narcisisst, only concerned for his own welfare. Poor Conrad Murray; poor, poor Conrad Murray. Judge Pastor is a very astute jurist, and as you say, Ms. Hagen, he will surely react to this latest Murray absurdity in his upcoming sentencing of this womanizing, unethical, incompetent, lying and totally unsympathetic con artist.

    • Excellent points. What’s up with these defendants talking to the media while charges are pending? Now, Jerry Sandusky of Penn State is speaking out and, in my opinion, not helping his case, either..

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