Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Getting Beyond The Verdict

No doubt, Dr. Conrad Murray is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, but is that the whole truth?

In the court of law, it is, for jurors are only asked to find the truth of the crime(s) charged. And, in the case of Conrad Murray, they found Conrad Murray guilty of the crime charged, involuntary manslaughter. But, is that the whole truth of the Michael’s death and the evidence presented?

Is Conrad Murray, the only one responsible for the death of Michael Jackson? Reportedly, there were no veins available in Michael’s body, indicative of years of drug abuse. Yet, Conrad Murray had only been giving Michael drugs for a few months, and various drugs and prescription bottles were found in Michael’s bedroom, which some described as a “pharmacy”, yet, to date, only Conrad Murray has been found responsible. Make no mistake, this is not a “Poor Dr. Murray” argument but rather an inquiry,  “Do the other doctors bear any responsibility for Michael’s death?”.

Does the pharmacist who filled Murray’s orders for 4 gallons of propofol and others drugs responsible for Michael’s death? Do any of the pharmacists who filled the prior prescriptions bear any responsibility for Michael’s death? Do the drug companies bear any responsibility? Michael held a press conference in 1993 and told the world he was “addicted” to prescription drugs.

What about Michael’s employees and house staff, do they bear any responsibility for Michael’s death? For years, they must have looked the other way, for instance, when oxygen tanks (used with propofol/sedation) were being taken to and from Michael’s bedroom. Although, Michael’s bedroom was mostly off-limits, didn’t anyone notice Michael’s behavioral or physical changes? How many people looked the other way? And, for how many years did they look the other way?

And, lastly, a very tough question, does Michael bear any responsibility for his own death? Do we hold addicts responsible for their addiction?

Conrad Murray is clearly responsible for the harm he caused, but, is that the whole truth?

The verdict just answers the question as to Dr. Murray. Do we end our inquiry with the verdict?

Simply my opinion, what say you?


2 Comments on “Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial: Getting Beyond The Verdict”

  1. SayWhen says:

    If an adult addict is doing anything other than lying in a gutter, completely swallowed up by his addiction, the MAJORITY of responsibility lies with the addict.

    Jackson managed to work, if sporadically in his later years. He managed to shop and buy like crazy. He managed to travel the world, acquire 3 children, film documentaries, attend shows/events/what have you, defend himself against molestation charges, hang out in Vegas regularly, have multiple cosmetic procedures, doctor shop, buy scripts out the wazoo using aliases, hire and fire truckloads of employees, stay in touch with scads of people, and and on and on and on.

    And yet we want to believe this same individual was in no way responsible for his own use of drugs? Seriously.

    Put a fork in personal responsibility. It’s done.

  2. Jill Estensen says:

    I agree that Dr. Murray was at fault for his part in this story. Yes, there is a very long string of people who looked the other way; family, friends, co-workers and professionals (doctors & pharmacists). When an addict doesn’t want help there is nothing friends or family can do to stop the person who is addicted from their destructive behavior. The addict has to take responsibility for their own recovery. The people who ENABLE the addict by looking the other way in a case like this should be held accountable for their INACTION! I read a story in Rolling Stone yesterday about a person in the music industry that hired body guards to be with the person constantly to help kick the drug habits that the person had, and it worked. Michael had the money to do this for himself. When you truly want to kick a habit, you will find a way.
    Why doesn’t the WAR ON DRUGS include the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies and pharmacists in their trillion dollar war?
    Fed up with the hypocrisy!!! Jill Estensen

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