California Billionaire’s 10 Billion Dollar Tax Plan: Taxing Attorney Services Impacts Constitutional Right to Counsel

Some California Billionaires (Google’s Schmidt, LA’s Eli Broad, etc.) and ex-politicians ( Grey Davis, Schwarzenegger) are proposing a 10 Billion tax increase to California taxpayers which may include a 5% tax on attorney and accounting services to provide more monies for California’s public schools.

One problem. The 6th amendment right to counsel in the US Constitution. There is no constitutional right to an accountant, but there is a constitutional right to counsel in a criminal prosecution.

Is it constitutional to tax a constitutional right? When issues of liberty at stake, do we want access to legal help less affordable?  Not to mention, if the tax is passed, California taxpayers will end up footing the bill anyway, say for the cost of court appointed attorneys that are appointed everyday in courtrooms across California.

Lastly, doesn’t California risk losing more legal jobs as law firms and clients may send their legal work outside California to avoid paying the new tax.

The Think Long Committee may want to “Think Longer” on this one.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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