Conrad Murray Sentencing: Probation or Prison?

Tomorrow, Conrad Murray will be sentenced for the involuntary manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson. Will it be probation or prison? Prison.

If Judge Pastor wasn’t moved by the evidence at trial, he’ll clearly be moved to find prison an appropriate sentence for Dr. Murray after viewing the Conrad Murray documentary as well as Dr. Murray’s recent claim, “I did nothing wrong”. Nothing sways a sentence more than a defendant’s lack of  remorse. Ask Charles Manson. And, arrogance and denial doesn’t get a defendant probation either. Probation is usually reserved for defendant’s who show remorse and have no criminal record.

Indeed, Dr. Murray has no criminal record and has provided medical care to the disadvantaged, factors that would lean towards probation, however, he failed to take steps that could have saved Michael’s life. He didn’t call 911. And, he didn’t tell the paramedics or the ER doctors about the propofol, etc. And, lying about the propofol and his actions that night won’t get Dr. Murray probation.

Remember, who put Dr. Murray in jail within minutes of the verdict? Judge Pastor. He had no hesitation in doing so deeming Murray “a risk to public safety”. Judge Pastor clearly appreciates the gravity of Dr. Murray’s actions or inactions.

So what’s changed since the verdict to sway Judge Pastor to consider probation? The Conrad Murray Documentary. And, Judge Pastor won’t be amused. In fact, I have no doubt Judge Pastor will have a few things to say to Dr. Murray and the defense team. I expect it won’t be pretty and will end with something like, “4 years, Dr. Murray, forthwith”.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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