Natalie Wood Case Re-Opened: Christopher Walken Likely to Talk & Surprise

(update 1/14/2013: Bruises on forearm, wrist, neck, no life jacket or suicide note according to report released today. Read article

(Update 9/16/2012: Newly released audio-tapes indicate Robert Wagner may have pushed Wood into the water and left her there, according to an interview of Wood’s sister, Lana, from a conversation she had with the ship’s captain that night, as reported by the Huffington Post on 9/14/2012. (If true and provable, may point to negligent homicide or manslaughter rather than intentional murder)  

(Update 8/23/2012: On 8/7/2012, Natalie Wood’s death certificate was amended to read her death was caused by “drowning and other undetermined factors” rather than an “accidental drowning.” The case remains open and the investigation continues. See facts of the case according to a article)


After 30 years since the drowning death of Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken has chosen to lawyer-up. Why? Is it because the case has been re-opened and he feels he may be implicated? Or, is it because, my bet, he has a bombshell to drop. So, he consults with a lawyer, a former federal prosecutor no less, to determine how best to say it. Maybe, after 30 years of being silent, he feels it’s time to speak. And, maybe, he feels he bears some responsibility. After all, he was one of three on the boat who failed to immediately search for Natalie.

Will Walken confirm the Captain’s version that Natalie and Robert Wagner were arguing on the aft-deck before Natalie disappeared? Or, will he confirm Wagner’s version that Natalie went to her room while Wagner and Walken argued and later, Wagner went up to the deck to cool-off. Or, will he offer, my guess, his own version of the events?  Hopefully, he will speak and his statement will help the families find closure and peace.

Simply my opinion, what say you?



2 Comments on “Natalie Wood Case Re-Opened: Christopher Walken Likely to Talk & Surprise”

  1. Gillian Cecelia O'Leary Hepburn says:

    The family must have suffered so much over all these years not knowing the truth.. If he is guilty at this stage in his life what sentence could they give him. If he isn’t the family will have also suffered so much pent-up anger and hatred directed at the wrong person,. Some people suffer such human dramas that they never get over them and they waste their lives in hatred and bitterness. That doesn’t mean that he should be brought to justice but that when Natalie lost her life so did her sister as she started her crusade to find out the real truth behind her death. I hope that they get to the bottom of this so others can find their peace.

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