One Thing Herman Cain Got Right, He Empowered The American People

Whatever you think about Herman Cain, his politics or the suspension of his presidential campaign, he did get one thing right, his message. He empowered many Americans to believe that they have a voice. To believe that they do have power during a time when so many feel disempowered by loss of a job, a home, the economy or even Washington DC. “People are still in charge of this country”, ” (we need to) transfer the power out of Washington, DC to the People”, and “it’s a citizen’s movement”, he claimed.  The message was working. A political outsider giving power and a voice to the People.

Had the messenger, Mr. Cain, not been dealt the fatal blow of allegations of sexual misconduct, he’d still be leading in the polls. No doubt, Mr. Cain will continue to be a voice for the People until, of course, another outsider like Donald Trump or Sarah Palin runs with this message. In fact, according to the Today Show this morning, Mr. Trump is waiting until May to decide to enter the race. And, will Ms. Palin be satisfied during a presidential race to just be a FOX News contributor?

Contrary to the media pundits debating whether it’s Romney or Gingrich who will get the Republican nomination, when people are fed up with politicians, it’s the political outsiders who have the edge or at least someone who inspires the People. Mr. Cain and President Obama taught us that.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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