Why Mitt Romney Could Lose New Hampshire Caucus

Republican Contender Mitt Romney spent millions and made numerous trips to Iowa, and he only beat Rick Santorum by 8 votes! Yes, you read it right, Rick Santorum, a former “joke candidate”, and until very recently had only single-digits in the polls almost beat Romney. Wow, that’s not a victory for Romney, that’s a loss for Romney. If Romney doesn’t change course, he will lose the New Hampshire Caucus.


Because now every voter and every pundit knows that Rick Santorum can beat Mitt Romney. And, for any competitor, especially Mitt Romney who has already run this race in 2008 and lost, this is a fatal blow. Voters want to vote for a winner and, especially a long-shot, just ask Obama.

Although, last October, I called Santorum the “dark-horse” to watch and just this Monday, called Santorum for second place in Iowa, Romney may still have a shot IF he changes course. He needs to run a Republican nominee race, not a presidential race.

With his repeated attacks on Obama, he acts as if Obama is his only contender when he hasn’t even won, conclusively, the republican nomination. Time to change strategy. He needs to focus on his opponents, Santorum and Paul, for starters, rather than attacking Obama. Criticizing Obama’s track record and repeating the Republican themes of freedom, hard work, no taxes, anti-government, land of opportunity, and love of the constitution is simply not enough. With the exception of Paul’s views, it’s less about their political positions and more about how they connect with the voters and their personal story.

And, unfortunately for Romney, he has difficulty connecting with voters and Santorum doesn’t. And, Santorum’s story is far more compelling. And, Iowa said so.

So, unless, a skeleton comes out of the closet, Santorum is the still the one to watch in New Hampshire next week.

Game On.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

(See also: https://trialready.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/rick-santorum-will-surprise-at-iowa-caucus/)


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