San Diego Love Triangle Verdict Watch: Jennifer Trayers Case

(UPDATE 2/8/2012 Verdict: Jennifer Trayers convicted of second degree murder (just like Betty Broderick) faces 16 years to life in prison. Jury deliberated 4 days.)

It’s Day 3 of jury deliberation in the Jennifer Trayers trial in San Diego. Is today the day the jury decides? Or, maybe, it’s early for a verdict? Or, maybe, the jury is stuck on a verdict?

This is no easy case for any jury. And, deciding between murder and manslaughter is no easy task for any jury especially when a wife is accused of stabbing her Navy doctor husband to death after learning of an affair.

Typically, the decision turns on whether the jury finds the defendant acted with “malice forethought.” Did she have the “intent to kill” her husband? Was the killing a “planned attack” according to the prosecution to justify a verdict of murder? Or, was it a “heat of passion” jealous rage-induced killing after learning of an affair to justify a verdict of manslaughter?

The defendant faces life in prison if convicted of murder and up to 11 years if convicted of manslaughter.

Or, will the jury find her not guilty (acquittal) or will the jury be divided (hung jury)?

It’s up to the jury to decide what happened based on the testimony and evidence presented. Yet, to convict on any charge, all 12 will have to vote guilty. Anything less is a hung jury and a retrial is possible. Remember Betty Broderick, another San Diego case, the jury was hung in the first trial before she was convicted of murder in the second trial for the shooting death of her husband and his new wife while they slept.

And even today, another jury will be impaneled to face the same decision, murder or manslaughter in the killing of University of Virginia Lacrosse student Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend, Lacrosse player George Huguely after he allegedly broke into her apartment during a drunken rage and repeatedly banged her head against the wall resulting in her death.

Another terrible tragedy.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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