Sandusky Gets Visits With Grandkids: Drugs to An Addict?

Bail restrictions have changed in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Jerry Sandusky, an alleged child molester, now gets visitation with children, his 11 grandkids, ages 2 to 11, with parental supervision at his home.

Really, isn’t that like giving crack to a crack addict?

Isn’t his home where he allegedly molested some of the victims? Wasn’t there a bedroom in the basement that Sandusky’s wife didn’t even know about where some of the alleged victims were molested?

Isn’t it odd that a judge would allow him access to children when he is facing allegations of child molest? As a former prosecutor of child molest,  the fact that he is asking for visits with children says something. Wouldn’t it be safer to keep the restrictions in place limiting access to children by phone call or letter? Even defendants facing alcohol or drug charges are restricted from access to drugs or alcohol, but, when the crime involves children it’s different. Why?

To convince the judge to lift the restriction, Sandusky submitted letters and drawings from his grandkids. Are the letters and drawings evidence of a healthy relationship? Or, could they be in response to the controlling and manipulative requests of a pedophile? After all, if the allegations are true, Sandusky knows how to get what he wants from children.

Think about it. Sandusky created a charity, Second Mile, which gave him unlimited access to children and his employment in the Penn State football program and games would bait any child. And, he lives next to an elementary school. Coincidence?

Pedophiles are age-specific, could his own grandkids be at risk as they are around the ages of his alleged victims?

Will the parental supervision condition ensure the safety of the grandkids? If the charges are true and Sandusky has been molesting kids for over 15 years, did his own children miss the signs or were they victimized, too? Would they even notice or recognize inappropriate behavior?

After all, it is not uncommon for victims of child molest to block out or not recognize their trauma for various reasons. And, it is also not uncommon for some victims to become pedophiles, marry a pedophile or to give a pedophile access to their own children. It’s an insidious cycle.

Surely, the judge could have denied access to grandkids. Shouldn’t we err on the side of keeping our children safe?

Simply my opinion, what say you?

(Video of my media appearance.


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