Baby-Selling Theresa Erickson Case: Surrogacy In Jeopardy

Today, a well-respected San Diego surrogacy attorney, Theresa Erickson, will be sentenced for conspiracy to commit wire fraud in an international “baby-selling” scheme. She is accused of having women (surrogates) travel to the Ukraine where they were impregnated. At the second trimester, she would than sell, allegedly, the baby to a couple or an individual wanting to be a parent. In return, Erickson would receive a fee of 100-150K, reportedly.

Will there be legal fallout? Will new laws be created in California to ban surrogacy like New York, DC and several other states? Or, will the legislature ban “compensated” surrogacy agreements like Washington, New Mexico, and Texas and only allow the surrogates medical expenses to be compensated?

Will there be a new law limiting who can be a surrogate and where a surrogate can be impregnated? And, will genetic records of each gestational surrogacy donor be required to be disclosed to each new parent?

Will the scandal deter women from becoming surrogates?

In today’s political climate and given the devastation of the families, surrogates and the children involved, I have no doubt the legislature will take some form of action. Many questions will be raised, but, is surrogacy in jeopardy in California? Maybe, adoption is a safer alternative?

Simply my opinion, what say you?

(Update: Erickson just sentenced to 5 months prison and 9 months home confinement and $70 k fine)


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