San Diego Love Triangle Likely Sentence: Jennifer Trayers Case

(Update 3/9/2012 9:55 am: As expected, Jennifer Trayers was sentenced to 16 years, the minimum. The judge commented that the case “exemplified the irrevocable tragedy of domestic violence.”)

Today, Navy wife Jennifer Trayers will be sentenced in a San Diego courtroom for the killing of her navy doctor husband. The jury found her guilty of second degree murder. The prosecution argued it was a premeditated first-degree murder, and the defense argued for manslaughter, a heat of passion (jealous rage) killing after she learned of his affair.

Likely sentence? My guess, although she faces 16 to life, she will likely be sentenced to a lower term possibly the lowest of 16 years.


No prior criminal history, an affair, and her remorse tend to mitigate a longer sentence. And, she did testify unlike most defendants in this circumstance. Yet, the delay in reporting, the email letter to his mistress and the jury’s verdict of murder may call for a longer sentence.

Her sentence is now at the judge’s discretion.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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