Trayvon Martin Killing: Neighbors May Pay Price For Trayvon’s Death

(Update 5/15/2012: Martin’s autopsy shows injuries (cuts) to his knuckles. Zimmerman’s medical records from a family physician indicate a broken nose and head lacerations.)

Looks like, in Florida, George Zimmerman’s neighbors and not George Zimmerman may be sued for the wrongful death of Trayvon Martin.


In Florida, the Stand Your Ground Law apparently gives George Zimmerman immunity from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits.

Think back to the OJ Simpson cases in California. Even though OJ was acquitted for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, he was found civilly responsible and ordered to pay millions for their deaths in a wrongful death lawsuit. Not George Zimmerman.

Hopefully, the Retreat at Twin Lakes’ Homeowners Association and/or the neighborhood watch group have insurance. Or, possibly, a release of liability agreement or indemnity clause signed by Zimmerman. Or, maybe, in Florida, criminal conduct will be a defense to any liability? Otherwise, if damages are awarded, the homeowners will likely pay the wrongful death judgement, and, it could be a multi-million dollar judgment. And, it’s likely many of Zimmerman’s neighbors are already struggling with an underwater mortgage.

Maybe, this case is a wake-up call to all homeowners associations and neighborhood watch groups to consider and/or review liability protection, especially in the 23 states that have the Stand Your Ground Law.

Florida has yet another reason to re-think the Stand Your Ground Law.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

(Video of recent TV appearances on Trayvon Martin Case)


2 Comments on “Trayvon Martin Killing: Neighbors May Pay Price For Trayvon’s Death”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    It sure didn’t hurt Zimmerman to have a judge for a father. Perhaps a favor returned? Curious.

    • My hope is that Florida and the other 23 states revisit the wisdom of the “Stand Your Ground” law. It just doesn’t seem to be a wise law when one can kill an unarmed person in the street and now, the neighbors rather than the shooter may have pay the damages. Accountability, anyone?

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