Marine Wife Brittany Killgore Killed: Many Questions

(Update 5/15/2012: Dorothy Maraglino, a 36-year-old pregnant female, has also been charged with murder in the killing of Killgore. Apparently, she and Lopez were “sex slaves” of Perez. Perez, Lopez and Maraglino shared a Fallbrook home. Killgore may have met the suspects when she and a friend visited the home to pick up an item ordered online. The Fallbrook home is allegedly where Killgore was killed, as reported on ABC10 news. Lopez’s alleged suicide note points to jealousy (losing her master to a new mistress) as a possible motive.) 

(Update 4/26/2012: Perez arraigned and pleaded not guilty to first degree murder as alleged murder weapon (rifle) and blood found in his car. Killgore reportedly sent a “help” text message prior to her death. Lopez’ suicide note remains sealed.)

(Update 4/20/2012: Lopez arraigned on first degree murder charge for the killing of Killgore. Bail set at $3 million dollars. If convicted, Lopez faces 25 years to life. May 2, 2012 hearing set to determine if there is enough evidence to hold Lopez for trial. Perez bail set at $500,000 on stolen weapon charges. If convicted Perez faces minimum 3 years prison. April 26, 2012 readiness hearing and May 17, 2012 preliminary hearing set for Perez.) 

What does a suicide note, a cell-phone, a stolen A-15 rifle and 2 people have to do with the killing of a 22-year-old US Marine wife, Brittany Killgore, who was found dead late Tuesday evening in California (Riverside County) just 25 miles northeast of her Fallbrook home?

The suicide note helped the police find Brittany’s body and may have explained how she died. But, who is Jessica Lopez, a 25-year-old San Diego woman, who reportedly penned the suicide note? How did Lopez know Brittany? How did Lopez know where Brittany’s body was? And, the details of how Brittany died? And, how did the police find Lopez in a San Diego motel room? And, why were there multiple self-inflicted cuts on Lopez’ body?

Finding Brittany’s cell-phone was a very lucky break for the police. It was reportedly found in Downtown San Diego, many miles away from where Brittany’s body was found. And, her family discovered Brittany was missing when they received a call from someone using her cell-phone.

Amazing luck. And, a cell-phone is full of leads and the details of one’s life. Who did Brittany call that Friday when she went missing? Who had she been calling in the days before her death? Who called her? Was Jessica Lopez in her contact list? And, most likely, the cell-phone led them to Jessica Lopez.

No doubt, the suicide note, the cell-phone, and possibly Lopez’ statements to the police, explains why Lopez is being arraigned this afternoon in San Diego on a first degree murder charge for the killing of Brittany Killgore.

Clearly, the prosecutor’s first degree murder charge against Lopez tells us that the DA has evidence showing that Lopez acted with “premeditation”, “deliberation” and had an “intent to kill” Brittany. So far, the prosecution calls it “homicidal violence”.

So, who is the other person, Louis Perez? He is a 45-year-old married US marine stationed at Camp Pendleton San Diego. And, why isn’t he talking to the police? Reportedly, he was the last person seen with Brittany. And, why was an allegedly stolen A-15 (non-military) rifle found in his car landing him in custody facing stolen weapon charges. Was the rifle involved in the killing? Who knows, but, he remains a person of interest in Brittany’s killing. Until, my guess, the police get the ballistics or fingerprints results on the rifle. Or, maybe, until Jessica links him to Brittany’s killing.

What’s the connection between Killgore, Lopez and Perez? Just friends? A possible “sex ring”, suggested by some? Friends getting together for a “good-bye” dinner as Brittany was leaving San Diego in a few days? A divorce “celebration”? Or, something, so much more. Reportedly, Perez and Lopez had lived in the same apartment previously.

And, most importantly, why was Brittany killed? What’s the motive? Jealousy? Revenge? Victim leaving? Or ?

The condition of Brittany’s body and how she was killed may answer that question.

Meanwhile, many questions remain in the tragic death of 22-year-old marine wife Brittany Killgore.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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