John Travolta’s Sexual Battery Case: Truth or Pulp Fiction

(Update 5/22/2012: Allred hired. Okorocha just filed a lawsuit against Allred for “stealing” his clients (intentional interference with contractual relations, etc.). Allred’s response, she’ll sue him for defamation, as reported on   

(Update 5/17/2012: John Doe #2, the Atlanta masseuse, fired attorney Okorocha and dismissed his lawsuit against Travolta. Hmmm. Will he hire Allred?

(Update 5/17/2012: John Doe #2, the Atlanta masseuse, fired attorney Okorocha and dismissed his lawsuit against Travolta. Will he hire Gloria Allred who now represents John Doe #1?)

(Update 5/15/2012: A third masseuse has come forward but his story apparently doesn’t match the story he gave his cruise line employer or their records.)

(Update 5/12/2012: According to plaintiff’s attorney Okorocha, the date of incident #1 in LA may be incorrect (Travolta claims he wasnt in LA on 1/16/2012) and John Doe #1 (LA masseuse) will be represented by a new lawyer. John Doe #2, the Atlanta masseuse, will remain represented by Okorocha who claims John Doe #2 immediately reported the incident to his boss, co-workers and generated several emails about the incident.)  

Last Friday was not a good day for American actor John Travolta. A 4 million dollar civil lawsuit was filed in federal court by two male masseuses claiming allegations of sexual battery by Travolta.  And, it’s not just a “he said, he said” case. It appears that we may have more than just words to prove truth or pulp fiction.

As to the first alleged incident on January 16, 2012, the defense claims Travolta didn’t do it, he wasn’t in Los Angeles at the time, a restaurant receipt from Mr. Chows in New York and photos prove it. Yet, a photo reportedly taken 30 hours earlier places Travolta and his wife in LA.

However, the restaurant receipt from Mr. Chows only proves that Travolta was in New York at 11:38pm, leaving plenty of time, one could argue, for a morning massage in LA and a less than 5 hour flight to New york, easily accomplished by an expert pilot like Travolta.

Also, note, the receipt is unsigned and states “table 17/1” which means the customer sat at table 17 and the party consisted of one person. Yet, the unsigned receipt produced by the defense has four names written across it, “John, Aaron?, Linda, Chris”. Who wrote the names on the receipt? Travolta’s handwriting?

More importantly, the receipt also tells us something about Travolta, he gives big tips. A $100 tip on a $382 Mr Chow bill, and maybe, a $400 tip to a LA masseuse for a $400 massage in Los Angeles?

As to the second incident in Atlanta on January 25, 2012, so far, the defense reportedly concedes Travolta was in Atlanta at that time. But, the defense claims both incidents are “complete fabrication” and “baseless lies”.

Many questions, but here are a few to consider. What does the flight plan tell us about the time line? Do the hotel surveillance cameras, hotel registry or hotel staff place Travolta (or “Mr. White”) at the Beverly Hills Hotel on that date? Was there an “overweight black chef” and what does he have to say? Do the victim’s phone records show receiving a “blocked call” and at what time? Any witnesses who saw the masseuse with Travolta?

Or, maybe, this case simply comes down to a watch. Does Travolta wear a chronograph watch that chimes?

And, interestingly, it doesn’t appear that any criminal charges have been filed, no doubt, a fruitful area for cross-examination of the two masseuses.

Sexual battery cases are never easy to prove especially the “he said, she (he) said” type, which is why any corroboration of the alleged victims story and/or the defendant’s alibi is critical. Truth, sometimes, is just a matter of putting the pieces together. Or, maybe, it’s all just pulp fiction.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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