Gloria Allred vs. John Travolta: Sexual Battery or Money Grab

(Update 5/22/2012: Allred hired. Okorocha just filed a lawsuit against Allred for “stealing” his clients (intentional interference with contractual relations, etc.). Allred’s response, she’ll sue him for defamation, as reported on   

(Update 5/17/2012: John Doe #2, the Atlanta masseuse, fired attorney Okorocha and dismissed his lawsuit against Travolta. Hmmm. Will he hire Allred?)

Just when John Travolta thought he beat one sexual battery allegation, turns out John Doe #1, the LA masseuse, just hired famed victim’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, to represent him in allegations involving sexual battery by John Travolta.

Although John Doe #1 apparently got the date of the alleged sexual battery incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel wrong (January 15th not 16th), leading to his dismissing himself out of the initial lawsuit, his hiring Gloria Allred just upped the ante and his credibility.

Gloria Allred vs. John Travolta. Oh, this won’t be pretty.

Just ask Tiger Woods. He paid over a million dollars to mistress Rachel Uchitel. Or, actor Eddie Murphy who lost a costly paternity battle with Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Or, US Presidential candidate Herman Cain whose campaign ended when Sharon Bialek came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Or, Congressman Anthony Weiner, who gave up his seat after the “weiner” tweet. Or, even, Hollywood Producer Aaron Spelling who lost $4.8 million when the jury found in favor of actress Hunter Tylo.

Moral of the story. Don’t mess with Gloria Allred.

Ms. Allred doesn’t take weak cases and she usually gets LARGE settlements for her clients. Her name alone makes most defense attorneys gasp and defendants shutter. And, more importantly, Ms. Allred is a “media darling” and when she’s on a case, the media gives her the mic and plenty of air time. Few defendants can survive the media “attention” and that alone may cause Travolta to settle and settle fast, whether the allegations are truth or pulp fiction.

What’s the alternative? Trial. The possibility of more “salacious” details or “prior bad acts”. And, an outcome likely determined by the cross-examination of two and maybe three male masseuses.

Maybe, it’s not a face/off worth risking.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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