No Gay Judges Allowed in Virginia: Tracy Thorne-Begland Hits Gay Glass Ceiling

Move over North Carolina, Virginia now practices hate and discrimination with a gay glass ceiling.

Last week, Virginia lawmakers denied a 45-year-old man a job because he is gay. Wow.

Tracy Thorne-Begland, a father of twins, decorated officer and fighter pilot, 12-year career prosecutor and Richmond’s Chief Deputy Attorney was denied a judicial nomination to Virginia’s bench solely because he is gay.


According to Virginia lawmaker, Robert G. Marshall, lawmakers were concerned that he “would allow his sexual orientation to influence his judicial decisions”, as reported in the What? A judge’s sexual orientation influences their decision. Please. If that were true, we’d have judge’s recusing themselves everyday every time the opposite sex (or same-sex) stood before them.

The real truth.

Politics. Anti-gay agenda in a swing state during an election year.

He was denied his judgeship because of the anti-gay campaign by the Christian Conservative Family Foundation who branded Thorne-Begland, in their words, as having an “aggressive activist homosexual agenda” in an email blast to Virginia legislators.

Activist, what?

Thorne-Begland was discharged from the Navy over 20 years ago because he came out as gay during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  And, that makes him an “aggressive activist?”  No, that’s a truth teller.

There wasn’t any evidence in Thorne-Begland’s record as a prosecutor of any “activist homosexual agenda”. Yet, a mere accusation by a political group can tank a nomination and turn legislators into cowards. Of the 100 Virginia legislators, 31 Republicans voted against while 36 legislators stood by, including Republicans and Democrats, and did nothing by either abstaining or not voting. And, 33 voted yes.

If their vote wasn’t based on Thorne-Begland’s exemplary professional record, as it was never questioned, than 67 of the 100 Virginia legislators allowed their anti-gay agenda to influence their judicial decision. They denied this man a job because of his sexual orientation. Senator A. Donald McEachin chastised his colleagues for not having the “political courage”.

Welcome to Virginia, the land of the “gay glass ceiling”, where a gay person can serve, protect and represent the citizens of Richmond as their Chief Deputy Attorney, but, he/she can’t become a judge.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


2 Comments on “No Gay Judges Allowed in Virginia: Tracy Thorne-Begland Hits Gay Glass Ceiling”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    Christians……what are you going to do??? They lie, cheat, steal, kill and hypocrisy is their agenda. Watch the “Borgias” on showtime. They do whatever they want to get what they want election year or not. I am fed up with religious bullies.

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