Colorado Movie Massacre: What Triggered James Holmes

To be famous. To be noticed. Maybe, just that.

Yes, I know the experts will debate his mental state and the defense will lean on it to stave off the death penalty or even a conviction. Is he a sociopath? Psychotic? Narcissistic? Or, schizophrenic? Does he have repressed rage? Was he abused as a child? Were his grades slipping or not good enough for his standards? Maybe, some of the above? Maybe, none of the above?

But, whatever the diagnosis, the fact remains he reportedly had no close friends or BFF’s. No real human connections. And, when one has no real human connections, does one value human life? Or, have any empathy for the pain they cause? Maybe, being famous is all that’s left?

Was he just about the brain? He clearly developed a mind that excelled in academics and ironically, he studied the brain as a neuroscience grad student. Where is the heart in all this? Relationships are where one grows the heart learning to care for and about another. But without that connection, does the brain care about the other or causing pain to another? A mind without the heart’s compassion, empathy, and love is a dangerous mind.

Allegedly, his mind was used to meticulously plan and carry out the killing of movie goers as they sat watching the “Dark Knight Rising”. To date, 12 people were tragically killed and 58 others were injured when this Dark Knight rose. And, many police officers and neighbors could have also been killed by the wired-up explosives he left at his apartment. Clearly, a skilled mind but a dangerous one.

And, yes, we can’t dismiss the need for gun control measures. Or, our culture’s obsession with being famous and the costs of exposing our children to violence whether in movies, video-games or to real-life human-less drone wars.

May the victims and their families find healing and peace in the days to come.

(BTW, the Joker has green hair, it’s the Riddler who has red hair. Again, a mind trying to have the last word.)

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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