Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheats But Did Maria Shriver Deceive California Voters?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on Maria Shriver, and yes, he had a child with the housemaid. But, did Maria Shriver deceive the California voters? Just days before the election, she vouched for Arnold’s character when she asked California voters to believe her and not believe the multiple allegations of sexual harassment/groping allegations by multiple women levelled against Arnold.

Should we even ask the question when she is suffering from the recent revelation that he fathered a child with the housemaid over 14 years ago? And, does she get a pass because she was trying to help her husband get a job?

Does it matter that she used her likability, her credibility and the Kennedy cache to assure voters that we could “trust” him because she did?

Yet, did Maria know Arnold’s character? Could she trust him? According to Arnold on last night’s 60 Minutes program, Maria knew of Arnold’s affairs prior to their marriage. But, maybe, in her defense, she believes a sexual harasser and an unfaithful spouse are two different things. Yet, when it comes to character and votes, we get the same answer, which is why she stepped forward.

Wherever, the intellectual (and moral) honesty lies, Maria’s public assurances immediately extinguished the allegations and no doubt helped Arnold get elected. But, does Maria bear any responsibility for using deception to get our votes? Tough question, but, maybe, it should be asked if we want to clean up our political system.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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