Oakland A’s Inspire Us: Go A’s!

(Update 10/11/2012: Giants take it 6-4 for 3-2 finish and face either St. Louis or Washington in NL. A’s 2-2 in series with deciding game 5 tonite. Go A’s! Congrats Giants!)

(Update 10/10/2012: Games are 2-1 for both the A’s and Giants with their opponents in the lead in best of 5 series. Game 4 could just decide it.)  

The Oakland A’s baseball team may just take the pennant. Their underdog journey has been inspirational and given our economy and the US unemployment rate, we can all use some inspiration.

Even with the challenges of a meager budget, 13 games from behind, the trading of 3 different pitchers and an early stumble, the A’s took the American League West title last Wednesday from the well-financed Nolan Ryan’s Texas Rangers.

They are the first team in major league history to win a division after trailing by 5 games. What a comeback! And, with 94 winning games, they almost broke their 2003 winning games record of 96. Only 4 previous teams in history have taken the pennant after trailing by 13 games or more.

The A’s have been hot since June. No doubt, the Detroit Tigers will be challenging opponents. But, unlike the Tigers, the A’s have the confidence to come from behind, way-behind.

Maybe, we are just like the A’s, having to dig deeper, work harder and keep the hope and belief that we can transform our economy and our lives no matter how many games we’ve lost or challenges we’ve faced.

GO A’s! And, of course, GO GIANTS!


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