Jovan Belcher DV Murder & Michael Dunn Killing: Time To Face The Violence?

What can we learn from Jovan Belcher’s DV Murder-Suicide and Michael Dunn’s killing of unarmed teen Jordan Davis? Guns & anger don’t mix. And, we have a violence problem.

Maybe, it’s about gun control, as Bob Costas suggests, but, isn’t it really about something much deeper? Mr. Costas gets props for calling out for gun control during a primetime Sunday Night Football show. Yet, in response, reportedly, Costas faces viewers calling for his job. If you take the guns away, does the violence stop? And, silencing a messenger, won’t stop the violence.

What is the cause of the violence? And, how can we find other non-violent ways to respond? And, is there a connection between violent sports and domestic violence? Speaking from my experience as a former domestic violence prosecutor, an  increase in domestic violence and violence related cases on super bowl sunday or big game days was not uncommon.  Coincidence?

Not easy questions to ask, but, until we call it out, how can we prevent the next killing. 

Simply my opinion, what say you?


2 Comments on “Jovan Belcher DV Murder & Michael Dunn Killing: Time To Face The Violence?”

  1. JIll Estensen says:

    Violence is violence whether it be in the home, on the street or at the arena. There is no coincidence. Sporting events and adrenaline (fight or flight) is so pumped up during the game, home fight or street fight that it comes out in a flood, blasting whomever is standing in the way. The word “fan” is short for fanatic. I would like to see the stats on how many fans are involved in brutal attacks after a game. Gladiators in the arena, on the street or in the home, these are violent people, or are they simply adrenaline junkies?

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