Newtown Connecticut School Shooting: Wake Up It’s Time To Act

The gun-control debate is over.

The debate as to whether we have a violence problem in the US is over, too.

Yet, the question remains–Will the horrific Newtown Connecticut School Shooting, where 20 young children ages 6 to 7 and 6 teachers and staff members were gunned down with a semi-automatic rifle and 2 handguns, be enough to convince or wake up our leaders to finally take action regarding gun-control?

Our leaders looked away and did nothing when one of their own, Rep. Gaby Giffords, was shot and several others were killed. They did nothing when several people lost their lives in an Aurora movie theatre. And, no gun-control measures were passed in response to the school shooting at Virginia Tech. All the victims were gunned down using semi-automatic guns and assault rifles.

With all due respect to our leaders, I have lost patience with their political “talking points” suggesting we have a “meaningful discussion on the issue” or “wait” until after the tragedy to decide what if any guns are banned. Enough, the evidence is in and we know the results of inaction. And, the second amendment is not a justification or a defense.

And, again, just as I wrote last week in response to the Belcher & Dunn killings, it’s also time to face the violence problem in the United States.

In the last two weeks, we have had a football player (Jovan Belcher) gun down his girlfriend (Kassandra Perkins), a 43-year-old man (Michael Dunn) use his lawfully concealed handgun to fire 8 times into a car full of teenagers killing a 17-year-old young man (Jordan Davis) and a mall shooting were two others were killed. And, no doubt, many others have also lost their lives to violent acts.

Banning assault and semi-automatic guns are a good start, but, what is the cause(s) of the violence? It is just about mental illness as the talking heads claim? And, why are so many young men using guns to kill and then take their own lives? Also, a tragic loss of life. Why are these men committing violent acts? The banning of certain guns isn’t the only answer as taking away guns doesn’t stop the violence or the killings. Nor, does imposing stricter school or public security measures. This is about a violence culture and a violence problem, not a security problem. Until we address the cause of underlying rage or motivation for the violence, the killings will continue.

Let us hope that our leaders get the message of the Newtown Connecticut School Shooting and have the courage and conviction to take action this time.

In the meantime, may we all pray for the victims, their families, the families of the perpetrators and the communities and lives that have been forever changed by an act of violence.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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