“Too Attractive” Employee Firing Isn’t Gender Discrimination, Really?

Ok, I’m a lawyer, so, you’d think I wouldn’t be shocked by a legal decision. But, I am.

Apparently, the Iowa Supreme Court has just ruled that it is not gender discrimination for a male employer to fire a female employee because he finds her “too attractive”.

Excuse me, isn’t it because of her gender that the employer dentist, James Knight, found his employee Melissa Nelson “too attractive”?

I wonder how many employers across the country will now use the “too attractive” defense to shut down legitimate claims of gender discrimination. And, frankly, how can any employee ever rebut the “too attractive” defense? Does the employee offer an expert to say that he/she isn’t “too attractive”? Besides the humiliation, an expert’s testimony would not likely be allowed because “attractiveness” is a subjective measure. Another words, if the employer says he/she finds the employee attractive, case over. It’s not gender discrimination and the employee has no recourse. Additionally, I wonder how many sexual harassment victims will lose their jobs under the pretense of the “too attractive” defense? Houston, we have a problem, a big problem.

Simply my opinion, what say you?


One Comment on ““Too Attractive” Employee Firing Isn’t Gender Discrimination, Really?”

  1. Jill Estensen says:

    So does this mean that it is now ok to fire someone because they are too ugly? It would seem to me that if a claim of too attractive is not discriminatory then too ugly isn’t either….and how about too fat or too skinny? Iowa is living in the dark ages. Let’s have a picture of the Iowa supreme court….are they too ugly or too attractive? Misogyny is alive and well in IOWA! Let’s kick their state out of the union for being too CORNY!

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