Lance Armstrong: USADA Revoke Your Offer To Lance

Is it just me or is USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) giving into Lance Armstrong? They just gave Lance a lifetime ban and now USADA wants to give him another chance to cooperate and possibly qualify for an 8 year ban. What? After USADA’s Travis Tygart belief that Lance lied again last week on Oprah. Does USADA actually think that Lance will rat out his associates? Has Lance shown a willingness to be completely truthful? Revoke the offer.

Lance’s response to USADA’s current offer, he’ll talk, but not to USADA, he’ll talk with the International Cycling Federation, the same agency that accepted 100K from Lance during the time he was being investigated for doping. Conflict of interest, anyone?

Oh, here we go again Lance is calling the shots. What is that saying about when you give someone an inch they take a mile, or was it a pile of taxpayer dollars and government resources misappropriated (defrauded) along with the investigative resources (more taxpayer dollars) now wasted when the US Attorney’s Office, for some unknown reason, declines criminal prosecution?

I get it, having been a prosecutor myself, that after the US Attorney’s “loss” in the Barry Bonds BALCO case, a prosecutor might have been reticent to prosecute against the “jury appeal” of a superstar athlete and cancer survivor like Lance. His recent doping admission certainly nixes any jury appeal. But, what about the evidence? Is justice truly blind? Maybe, now, it would be best to let a jury tell Lance the truth. Otherwise, the games will continue.

I have no doubt, after Scott Pelley’s 60 Minutes story this evening, that the US Attorneys Office will re-think their decision not to prosecute Lance. And, BTW, all those 22 legislators who reportedly signed the petition to shut down USADA, a non-profit and non-taxpayer funded organization, what were you thinking? These days it seems more and more “outsiders” are doing the job of the “insiders”. Why is that?

Simply my opinion, what say you?


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