Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Jury Deliberation Time May Favor Defense

It’s Monday December 27, 2021 Day 4 of jury deliberations. Twenty-five hours have passed and the jury in the USA v. Elizabeth Holmes trial is still deliberating over a verdict.

What’s going on?

Like most jurors, they are diligently and methodically going over the evidence, the jury instructions and the verdict forms. My first clue…they asked to take the jury instructions home on day 2 of deliberations and day 3 they asked to re-hear the investor call between Holmes and investors, specifically, as to count 5 of the indictment, the $4.8M investment from Bryan Tolbert. Did she make false statements to obtain investor money, otherwise, known as, wire fraud?

My guess, they are going thru the counts in order…and, 11 counts takes time. And, they may have set aside the 2 conspiracy counts for last. Especially, in this case, if they find that Balwani may have controlled Holmes, as alleged by Holmes, the jury may find that she was unable to voluntarily agree to conspire or defraud. Moreover, jurors can get confused too or delayed initially as to the elements or the “object” of a conspiracy.

Keep in mind, the jury has heard from 32 witnesses including 7 days of testimony from Holmes and many exhibits from audio clips of Holmes speaking to investors, Holmes interviews on Mad Money and the Today Show, powerpoint presentation materials, lab reports, numerous emails and texts to financial spreadsheets.

Patience, my guess, we will likely get a verdict this week. If we don’t, time favors the defense. Typically, the longer a jury is out (in deliberation) or the more jury questions asked, the more likely it favors Holmes with an acquittal or a compromised verdict, guilty on some counts and not guilty on others.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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