Judicial Qualification Ratings Questioned by Harvard Study

According to a new study done by a Harvard PhD Stanford law graduate, with the support of the Harvard Center on American Political Studies, the American Bar Association’s rating system for judicial candidates is part of the problem why more women and minorities are not on the bench. The study examined 52 years of judicial ratings (1960-2012), findings published in New York Times on May 4, 2014:

(1) women and minorities are more likely than whites and males to receive lower ratings even when controlled for education, experience and partisanship, (2) Ratings are a poor tool for predicting judicial performance (no difference whether rated highly qualified or not) (3) and, taken together, the findings of potential bias and questionable usefulness point to a broken rating system. Read New York Times article on judicial ratings, “How Not To Pick Judges”. 

My thoughts…If we don’t let football players pick referees, why do we let attorneys pick judges? Conflict of interest, anyone?

And, if we don’t have a committee to “rate” the US President or other elected officials, why do we have bar associations and the ABA rating judicial candidates?

Simply my opinion, what say you?

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