Will Bob Filner Get Arrested or Get A Deal

Update: 8/21/2013 Filner “mediation” with City Attorney and Gloria Allred continues. Settlement likely Filner wants a deal and Allred wants his resignation. The San Diego taxpayer is left with the bill for costly sex harass claims. Deal maker Filner gets $100K investigation dropped and he walks with his pension. Meanwhile, daily, thousands of San Diegans continue to sign Filner recall petition. How about a new law? If you commit a crime in office, you pay for it. Simply my opinion.

Update: 8/17/2013 16 women have now come forward claiming mistreatment by Mayor Filner. As alleged by victims, Filner’s mistreatment includes forcibly kissing, putting his tongue down a throat, grabbing, and placing an arm hold around a neck. Assault & battery, anyone?

Mayor Bob Filner has been locked out of the San Diego Mayor’s Office. The locks have been changed and he faces sexual harassment allegations by 13 women.

What next? A restraining order? Will Mayor Filner be arrested for assault and battery? false imprisonment? witness intimidation? Will Filner be offered a “deal” to resign? News at 11.

I kid you not.

As one who has handled sexual harassment cases and served as a San Diego prosecutor, criminal prosecution can be a real possibility for Mayor Filner.

Just like any other defendant, if he touched or grabbed any one of the “Filner 13”, the 13 alleged victims who have come forward alleging sexual harassment by San Diego’s Mayor, or, if he held any one of them against their will or threatened any of them, he could be arrested and criminally prosecuted, in addition to potentially facing numerous civil lawsuits for sexual harassment.

It’s possible.

Certainly, criminal prosecution, if warranted, may be cheaper for the San Diego taxpayer than an expensive and difficult voter recall. And, maybe, upon arrest, he will finally choose to resign. Don’t hold your breath. If Filner is a sexual harasser, his behavior is all about power and control which means he will resign on his terms in spite of numerous notable calls for his resignation.

So, why is Filner not resigning? My guess, power and control. He is holding the mayor’s office hostage until his terms are met. Likely, Filner may want the San Diego taxpayer to help him with his legal costs defending the harassment suits, a guaranteed pension, termination of the investigation into the alleged improper $100,000 payment and whatever else he can negotiate. Don’t forget Filner has spent a lifetime making deals and living on the public doll as a professional politician. Why not have the taxpayer continue to pay his bills, he may think. After all, his apparent defense is to blame his alleged misconduct on the City of San Diego (the taxpayer) for not providing him with sexual harassment training to “justify” his alleged misconduct and explain why the San Diego taxpayer should foot the bill for the lawsuits.

Filner is entitled to due process and his day in court or courts. Let him explain his “problem” with women and prove the Filner 13 are not credible. I say no deals to Filner. Let the jury assess his accountability. If Filner feels wronged, let him sue the San Diego taxpayer and convince a San Diego jury that he has been wronged, like any other plaintiff. It will likely be cheaper and less risky than facing Gloria Allred who is known for getting multi-million dollar outcomes.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

Legal Analyst Michele Hagan on KFI Los Angeles Talk Radio.

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