Gabby Petito: 911 Call “Hitting Her”

Here’s what the 911 caller said that led to the traffic stop of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie:

A male caller who was driving by Gabby and Brian outside the Moonflower store in Moab Utah on August 12, 2021 called 911 to “report a domestic disturbance…gentlemen slapping the girl, ran up and down the street, proceeded to hit her and they hopped into the car and they drove off…just drove off right on main street…”.

Listen to the 911 call here.

When people are so enraged or out of control as to be violent in public, it indicates a history of violence between the people involved. This is not an isolated incident. In this case, in my opinion, the violence probably escalated after the traffic stop and resulted in further harm to Gabby. Just as Gabby said to the officer during the traffic stop, “he wouldn’t let me in the car, until I calmed down..” Tragically, he may have just left her or violence led to her death.

Again, I hope this case results in better training for officers in domestic violence situations. Her crying at the scene, continued excuses on behalf of Brian and taking the blame are all red flags. Additionally, for example, did anyone ask why Gabby was anxious around Brian? Did anyone ask why Brian had to walk away from Gabby to cool off? Where did Brian learn to walk away?

Simply, my opinion, what say you?

Very sad.

See something, say something.

BTW, here’s an idea for a new federal law, from someone who used to prosecute DV cases, require 911 operators to play, repeat verbatim or transcribe the 911 call to the officer who is assigned the call. Had the officers known that witnesses saw Brian slapping and hitting Gabby, hopefully, the officers would have responded differently and Gabby would be alive today. Call it Gabby’s Law.

Gabby Petito: Police BodyCam Video of Traffic Stop

Tragically, 22 year old Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito’s remains were found today in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming after her being reported missing for weeks. She was on a van trip with her fiance Brian Laundrie. He returned home to Florida weeks ago in the Gabby’s van without Gabby. He decided not to talk to the police regarding Gabby’s whereabouts, although, he has a right to remain silent. As of last Tuesday, Brian is now missing. The cause of Ms. Petito’s death has not yet been determined.

Here is the full video from the officers bodycam of the traffic stop of Brian and Gabby weeks before she was reported missing. Traffic stop begins at 19:34 and was posted on youtube by Crime & Justice by Mentour lawyer. (posted here for educational purposes only).

As a former domestic violence prosecutor, may this video result in better training and response of officers in the handling of possible domestic violence situations (and Miranda rights training). Simply, my opinion.

May Ms. Petito rest in peace. My condolences to her family and loved ones.