Gloria Allred vs. John Travolta: Sexual Battery or Money Grab

(Update 5/22/2012: Allred hired. Okorocha just filed a lawsuit against Allred for “stealing” his clients (intentional interference with contractual relations, etc.). Allred’s response, she’ll sue him for defamation, as reported on   

(Update 5/17/2012: John Doe #2, the Atlanta masseuse, fired attorney Okorocha and dismissed his lawsuit against Travolta. Hmmm. Will he hire Allred?)

Just when John Travolta thought he beat one sexual battery allegation, turns out John Doe #1, the LA masseuse, just hired famed victim’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, to represent him in allegations involving sexual battery by John Travolta.

Although John Doe #1 apparently got the date of the alleged sexual battery incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel wrong (January 15th not 16th), leading to his dismissing himself out of the initial lawsuit, his hiring Gloria Allred just upped the ante and his credibility.

Gloria Allred vs. John Travolta. Oh, this won’t be pretty.

Just ask Tiger Woods. He paid over a million dollars to mistress Rachel Uchitel. Or, actor Eddie Murphy who lost a costly paternity battle with Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Or, US Presidential candidate Herman Cain whose campaign ended when Sharon Bialek came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Or, Congressman Anthony Weiner, who gave up his seat after the “weiner” tweet. Or, even, Hollywood Producer Aaron Spelling who lost $4.8 million when the jury found in favor of actress Hunter Tylo.

Moral of the story. Don’t mess with Gloria Allred.

Ms. Allred doesn’t take weak cases and she usually gets LARGE settlements for her clients. Her name alone makes most defense attorneys gasp and defendants shutter. And, more importantly, Ms. Allred is a “media darling” and when she’s on a case, the media gives her the mic and plenty of air time. Few defendants can survive the media “attention” and that alone may cause Travolta to settle and settle fast, whether the allegations are truth or pulp fiction.

What’s the alternative? Trial. The possibility of more “salacious” details or “prior bad acts”. And, an outcome likely determined by the cross-examination of two and maybe three male masseuses.

Maybe, it’s not a face/off worth risking.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

Does Testifying In Court Re-Traumatize The Victim?

Here we go again that old thinking is showing up again, “testifying re-traumatizes victims”. This time it’s in the Jerry Sandusky Penn State child molestation case. Usually, that phrase is spoken from the mouth of a defense attorney trying to get a sweet plea deal, but this time it’s apparently coming from the mouth of a victim’s lawyer. Oh dear.

As reported today in, in response to Sandusky waiving the preliminary hearing, Michael Boni, a lawyer for one of the accusers, said, “The accusers do not have to relive the horrors they experience up on the witness stand by having to testify at the hearing and at trial.”


Does he not realize how powerful and healing it is for a victim to finally be heard, to be able to tell and to confront their molester.

In my experience as a former child abuse prosecutor, victims don’t regret testifying, they regret not testifying. They regret not coming forward. And, at times, they may be upset with the verdict. But, they don’t regret standing up for themselves, taking their power back and telling the “secret”.

Yes, it takes tremendous courage to come forward and tell. And, yes it’s stressful. Just ask the Herman Cain accusers. It takes guts to come forward and risk being vilified, to endure media scrutiny of every aspect of your life especially in high-profile cases, and, to re-live the horrible event. And, facing a cross-examination is intimidating, uncomfortable and at times brutal. So whether the defense tries to portray a victim as a nut, a slu*, a liar or a gold-digger or versions thereof, pay no attention. Nothing is ever as brutal as the event the victim has already endured.

But, at some point, I find, victims need to tell or they can’t live with themselves. And in some cases, they can’t move forward with their lives until they do tell. So whether it’s in a courtroom or to a therapist or to a loving friend, telling or testifying is healing for the victim and the victim’s family.

There is a reason, “the truth shall make you free”, is an enduring truth.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

One Thing Herman Cain Got Right, He Empowered The American People

Whatever you think about Herman Cain, his politics or the suspension of his presidential campaign, he did get one thing right, his message. He empowered many Americans to believe that they have a voice. To believe that they do have power during a time when so many feel disempowered by loss of a job, a home, the economy or even Washington DC. “People are still in charge of this country”, ” (we need to) transfer the power out of Washington, DC to the People”, and “it’s a citizen’s movement”, he claimed.  The message was working. A political outsider giving power and a voice to the People.

Had the messenger, Mr. Cain, not been dealt the fatal blow of allegations of sexual misconduct, he’d still be leading in the polls. No doubt, Mr. Cain will continue to be a voice for the People until, of course, another outsider like Donald Trump or Sarah Palin runs with this message. In fact, according to the Today Show this morning, Mr. Trump is waiting until May to decide to enter the race. And, will Ms. Palin be satisfied during a presidential race to just be a FOX News contributor?

Contrary to the media pundits debating whether it’s Romney or Gingrich who will get the Republican nomination, when people are fed up with politicians, it’s the political outsiders who have the edge or at least someone who inspires the People. Mr. Cain and President Obama taught us that.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

Does Herman Cain Think We Are Stupid?

Even Lin Wood, a well-respected attorney, can’t save Herman Cain’s presidential hopes. “No credible proof, no evidence”, Attorney Wood claims on Piers Morgan this evening referring to the alleged 13 year “affair” with Ginger White.

Really, isn’t this a “he said, she, she, she, she, she said’? Maybe, we’d give an ear if Ginger White was the only one, but, there are 5 woman, so far, alleging improper sexual conduct by Mr. Cain.

Regarding Ms. White, Mr. Cain sent 17 reply texts to Ms. White’s 53 texts just in October and November alone, including one at 4 in the morning. He admits giving her money (paying her off?). And, the red flag of ’em all, his wife did not know about Ms. White.

Here we go again, right out the worn-out attorneys playbook: she’s a “troubled woman”, “had severe financial problems” and is “on a media campaign”. Blaming the victim, and blaming the media for “participating in the deterioration of our political process” as stated by Attorney Wood for covering this story is simply a distraction from the search for the truth. Besides, that playbook didn’t work for Conrad Murray and it won’t work for Herman Cain either. It’s become a tidal wave. And, Herman Cain ain’t no Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Don’t we want the media to ask questions? Isn’t the public entitled to know the truth, whatever it is?

And, please, did Lin Wood actually say on Piers Morgan, “desperate people, do desperate things” ? Oh my, if I had a nickel for every time, I heard that phrase in the courtroom, I’d be rich.

Seriously, Herman Cain is running for the Republican nomination for the US Presidency, and isn’t his character at issue?

If these allegations are true, “yikes” (to borrow Judge Pastor’s phrase), the audacity of Herman Cain to think he’d get away with hiding these missteps.

No doubt, this isn’t the end of the story.

Simply my opinion, what say you?

Herman Cain “Serial Sexual Harasser”: Tell The Truth or Go Home

Is it me or has Attorney Gloria Allred become today’s version of “The Gong Show”? She shows up and, even Tiger Woods pays big money for her to go away.

It’s time, Mr. Cain, to tell the truth or go home.

Really, I think that we’ve all had enough of Herman Cain’s denials, truth dodging and frankly his hubris. And, given Mr. Cain’s recent attempts to limit the media’s questions to his 9-9-9 plan, his displays of anger when questioned about allegations of sexual harassment and now, his attempts to intimidate the media by insinuating a breach of the “journalistic code of ethics”, is appalling conduct coming from a candidate seeking the Presidency of the United States. Not to mention, a long-time corporate CEO and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

So, is it is a leap of faith for us to believe that Mr. Cain would act inappropriately with women?  So far, we know of 4 women. Likely, there will be more.

Apparently, Herman Cain has gotten his way for a long time and he clearly has no patience when questioned. And, clearly, no patience for the truth either. Hardly, the qualities we are looking for in a leader.

When the truth is knocking, you must answer the door.

Simply my opinion, what say you?