Jerry Sandusky Waives Preliminary Hearing: Tactical or Manipulative Move?

Was it “tactical”, as the Defense claims, to waive Jerry Sandusky’s preliminary hearing, his right to challenge the charges and to confront his accusers, the 10 young men who allege they were molested by Sandusky? Or, was it a manipulative and controlling move by a pedophile to again silence his victims?

Maybe, the answer is found in the words of one of the alleged victims, as reported on, ” A boy whose mother contacted police in 1998 after her son allegedly showered with Sandusky, said waiving the hearing amounted to more abuse of the accusers, who had steeled themselves to testify”.

Remember, Jerry Sandusky was a very successful defensive line coach, and if he’s a pedophile, do you think he just closes his playbook because it’s the courtroom? Even his own attorney said, as reported in today’s, “This is the biggest game of his life”.

Really, what’s the reason for this last-minute play? Is there a sweet plea deal in the works?

And, frankly, this is not a game to the 10 alleged victims. And, given the severity of the crimes and the amount of young boys involved, who would ever call this a game?

Simply my opinion, what say you?