Herman Cain “Serial Sexual Harasser”: Tell The Truth or Go Home

Is it me or has Attorney Gloria Allred become today’s version of “The Gong Show”? She shows up and, even Tiger Woods pays big money for her to go away.

It’s time, Mr. Cain, to tell the truth or go home.

Really, I think that we’ve all had enough of Herman Cain’s denials, truth dodging and frankly his hubris. And, given Mr. Cain’s recent attempts to limit the media’s questions to his 9-9-9 plan, his displays of anger when questioned about allegations of sexual harassment and now, his attempts to intimidate the media by insinuating a breach of the “journalistic code of ethics”, is appalling conduct coming from a candidate seeking the Presidency of the United States. Not to mention, a long-time corporate CEO and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

So, is it is a leap of faith for us to believe that Mr. Cain would act inappropriately with women?  So far, we know of 4 women. Likely, there will be more.

Apparently, Herman Cain has gotten his way for a long time and he clearly has no patience when questioned. And, clearly, no patience for the truth either. Hardly, the qualities we are looking for in a leader.

When the truth is knocking, you must answer the door.

Simply my opinion, what say you?